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Before You Purchase An Assessment

Choose Wisely Based On "The 9 Key Criteria". There are thousands of career assessments available today, ranging in price from free to hundreds or thousands of dollars. The quality, usefulness and price of these assessments also vary widely. So how do you choose the one that's right for you?

1. Does it conform to Biblical truth and Scripture?

The CALL was developed with a Scriptural worldview (see #2 below) specifically for the Christian or faith-based community. Most other assessments are based on a non-Biblical four-factor model.

2. Does it identify your motivational gifts as listed in Romans 12:6-8?

The CALL identifies these seven spiritual or "motivational" gifts which correlate closely to personality type. They are also useful in understanding your life purpose. When making use of these motivational gifts in a career and other activities, most people will achieve a greater level of satisfaction and success.

3. Does it identify the best area of ministry for you based on your gifts, personality traits and abilities?

The CALL provides you with a variety of career options in ministry, faith-based occupations and volunteer activities, listed by job-fit percentage. Other popular career assessments offer only common secular career options and provide little or no information related to ministry occupations.

4. Is it highly reliable?

The CALL's reliability score is well above most other popular assessment tools. The higher the reliability score, the more confidence you can have that the score is accurate. Reliable assessments provide accurate and consistent scores, even if a person takes the assessment again. Many other popular assessments can vary widely, which can decrease the likelihood of your success in making important career or educational choices that will be right for you well into the future.

5. Is it valid for your intended purpose?

Validity is the most important issue in selecting an assessment. A valid assessment will 1) measure what it is actually intended to measure (i.e. cognitive abilities or interests), and 2) be appropriate for its intended purpose (a test intended for measuring "job knowledge" may not be appropriate for predicting someone's leadership ability). The CALL measures 27 different dynamics in 6 categories and provides you with an in-depth personalized report.

6. Does it identify the best career options for you based on your gifts, personality traits, interests and abilities, with your job fit percentages shown in a variety of industries?

The CALL report lists your highest job-fit percentage matches with common careers in 22 different industry categories. You can then use your CALL report as a guide to explore your career options in-depth on O*NET, the free online US Department of Labor's extensive jobs database.

7. Does it conform to the US Department of Labor guidelines for career assessments?

The US Department of Labor has established guidelines and best practices for using career assessments properly.

The CALL uses the most current technology available to conform as closely as possible to these guidelines, assuring you of a high-quality, accurate assessment.

The Department of Labor also suggests that you never rely on a single assessment as 100% reliable. The CALL is actually 4 assessments in one tool, which provides you more and better information for making important choices about your career and life purpose decisions.

8. Does it give you reports that are comprehensive, understandable and easy-to-use?

The CALL report is personalized for you, easy to understand and very comprehensive (see #6). You can review your CALL report online anytime you'd like and print a hard-copy.

Many popular assessments provide only incomplete "summary" reports, use undefined or vague terminology or require a coach or "interpreter" to administer the assessment or understand your scores. As a result, your scores may be incorrectly interpreted by a coach or counselor who is untrained or inexperienced in the use of the specific assessment.

Special note: even professionals use coaches to improve their skills and stay at the top of their game. Your personalized CALL report will be very helpful to a coach, pastor or counselor in helping you make better decisions about your career, volunteer opportunities or educational choices.

9. Does it measure your cognitive abilities?

The CALL measures your cognitive abilities in 5 different ways, including numerical, verbal and thinking style. Research shows that cognitive abilities are the best predictor of job success and satisfaction. When you are in a career that is a good match for your cognitive abilities, you will tend to be happier and more successful.

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Job fit matters. You are who you are. Our tools are not tests so you cannot flunk who you are. We affirm your positive qualities which is the most important key to your career success and satisfaction.

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True happiness is discovering and using your gifts!

"Using your gifts gives you energy and happiness. Not using your gifts makes you go crazy."
Dr. Richard Bolles
Best-selling author of
What Color is Your Parachute?
Do you know what your gifts are? Most people do not know their gifts, and those who think they know are often wrong. Find out for sure by taking The CALL with a personal debrief with one of our qualified advisors.

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