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What is The Call?

The CALL Vocational & Life Purpose Guide is the first comprehensive assessment to measure the seven motivational spiritual gifts to help you make wiser choices about your education, your career and your life purpose.

You'll receive a comprehensive report full of valuable insights into your God-given talents, abilities, interests, gifts and strengths. Your personalized report provides a mountain of useful information, measuring 9 major personality and behavior traits, 6 major occupational interest groups and 5 dynamics of your thinking style. It also shows your closest matches with jobs in 22 different industry categories. Plus, the report provides you with ministry-specific careers not available with many other popular career assessments. For ages 16 and up.

  • It helps you identify your life purpose. Since we are created by God, and given gifts for accomplishing His purposes, it follows that our purpose is then to use those gifts for Him during our lives.
  • It's based on the 7 Motivational Gifts (as identified in Romans 12:6-8). Most other career assessments use a 4-factor theory which lacks both statistical validity and a Biblical worldview. This information is essential to helping you understand how God has "wired" you for your career and your life purpose.
  • It was designed for the Christian marketplace. Your report provides you with common career descriptions, but it also identifies ministry-specific job titles that are not available on US government job databases. With this information, you can identify the ideal career in business; full-time or part-time ministry; or an appropriate role in which to volunteer in your church or community.
  • It's a "whole-person" comprehensive tool which gives you a more complete and accurate picture. The US Department of Labor guidelines on assessments warn us to never rely on a single assessment. The CALL is really four tools in one covering 27 dimensions, including 7 measurements of your motivational gifts; 9 measurements of your personality and behavior; 6 measurements of your career interests; and 5 measurements of your cognitive ability.
  • It uses state-of-the-art technology to give you accurate and valuable guidance and insights to help you identify the vocation that's right for you, showing your matches in both common careers and ministry-related positions. And, you can review your CALL report online anytime you'd like and print a hard copy.
  • It identifies your job fit compatibility with hundreds of common careers in 22 different industry categories from O*NET, the free online jobs database of the US Department of Labor, to help you find and explore your career options.
  • The CALL is a credible and trusted source of information to help you find your ideal career and life purpose. This assessment has been developed through a partnership with Profiles International, an industry leader in providing design, validation and delivery of online assessments; Focus on the Family, an international ministry helping to preserve traditional values and the institution of the family; and Follow Your Calling, exclusive provider of The CALL.
  • It's a better value. Most people who purchase The CALL rate their overall satisfaction as "satisfied" or "very satisfied." Here's why. Unlike other career assessments, The CALL is based on a "whole-person" approach. We use the best technology and job success predictors to help you find the best job matches for you, in both secular careers and ministry.
  • It's guaranteed*. If you're not satisfied within 30 days of taking your assessment, we'll refund your full purchase price.

About Spiritual and Motivational Gifts

The seven spiritual gifts described in Romans 12:6-8 are also referred to as Motivational Gifts. Motivational Gifts are strong inner-directed tendencies or special talents which are God-given and allow us to perform certain things with near-perfection. When we use our gifts to serve God and others, we get a deeper joy and satisfaction.

Who receives Motivational Gifts?
Both Scripture and practical experience suggest that these motivational gifts are resident in us at birth. For example, from our earliest childhood, we exhibit certain thinking, behavior and communication patterns - our personality - that remain fairly consistent throughout our life. When one is born again and filled with the Holy Spirit (John 3:3-8) a spiritual transformation occurs and our gifts are to be used for God's purposes. Because we are imperfect, with a sin nature and a free will, our gifts can be used in either mature or immature ways, for good or evil. When gifts are used to do God's will, we work in concert with our Creator and spiritual blessings result.

How many Motivational Gifts does each person have?
Jesus Christ was perfect, possessing and perfectly functioning in all seven Motivational Gifts. As frail humans, we will not function in all seven as Christ did. However, as believers, each Christian has at least one dominant Motivational Gift that will be expressed through his or her unique personality.

At the same time, we are told to have an accurate perception of ourselves and to neither over- nor under-estimate ourselves (Romans 12:3). As we mature spiritually, we will tend to function in more of the seven. In almost all circumstances, however, our dominant gift will color our perception and behavior.

How are "Motivational Gifts" different from other "Spiritual Gifts"?
There are many resources, opinions, controversies and positions on the topic of spiritual gifts. Generally speaking, the Bible says that "Spiritual Gifts" (beyond Motivational Gifts) are given to believers on a situational basis by the Holy Spirit, and are used by God to "edify" (instruct, build up, strengthen, grow, enlighten) believers, in the Church, the Body of Christ. We recommend that you explore the topic thoroughly for yourself, considering the Bible as the final authority.






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Job fit matters. You are who you are. Our tools are not tests so you cannot flunk who you are. We affirm your positive qualities which is the most important key to your career success and satisfaction.

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True happiness is discovering and using your gifts!

"Using your gifts gives you energy and happiness. Not using your gifts makes you go crazy."
Dr. Richard Bolles
Best-selling author of
What Color is Your Parachute?
Do you know what your gifts are? Most people do not know their gifts, and those who think they know are often wrong. Find out for sure by taking The CALL with a personal debrief with one of our qualified advisors.

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