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Debrief Options as of January 1, 201401-Jan-2014

Debrief Options The CALL Report with video analysis of your 27 scores This option includes ..

The CALL 01-Jan-2014

The CALL Vocational and Life Purpose Guide The CALL is our most comprehensive affirmation tool..

What's My Major?

"Research studies show that more students leave college because of disillusionment, discouragement, or reduced motivation than because of lack of ability or dismissal by school administration." ~ Edward Anderson, Ph.D.  |  The Gallup Organization

  • More than 60% of college graduates regret their choice of college major and find employment in a totally different field.
  • Most college students will change their major more than once and take an extra 1.5 years to graduate.
  • The average cost for a college education is $10,000 to $15,000 per year at state universities and much higher ($20,000 to $40,000 or more) for many private and out-of-state institutions. Post-graduate tuition can be even more costly.
  • Next to investing in a home, your college education may be one of the largest investments you'll ever make.
  • Many college graduates will work several years to pay off educational debts, and some will never achieve financial freedom due to poor career choices.
  • Many college students would be better off skipping college altogether and pursuing technical or vocational career training.
  • Corporate loyalty is a thing of the past. College graduates now change jobs and careers with increased frequency. Finding a career that matches you perfectly can help you find stability in an unstable world.

It pays to know yourself so that you can make choices that you won't regret later. The CALL Vocational & Life Purpose Guide is designed to give you valuable insights into 27 dimensions of who you are. When you honor God by working out of your God-given strengths, abilities, gifts, and talents, your future will hold more excitement, encouragement and increased motivation. And, you'll make the most of your investment in your college education.

Unlike other popular assessments, The CALL is the first comprehensive assessment to measure the seven motivational spiritual gifts to help you make wiser choices about your education, your career and your life purpose. It gives you a mountain of useful information, measuring 9 major personality and behavior traits, 6 major occupational interest groups and 5 dynamics of your thinking style. It also shows your closest matches with jobs in 22 different industry categories. Plus, the report provides you with ministry-specific careers not available with many other popular career assessments.

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Job fit matters. You are who you are. Our tools are not tests so you cannot flunk who you are. We affirm your positive qualities which is the most important key to your career success and satisfaction.

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True happiness is...
discovering and using your gifts

According to best selling career author,
Dr. Richard Bolles
(What Color is Your Parachute?):
"Using your gifts gives you energy and happiness.
Not using your gifts makes you go crazy."

Do you know what your gifts are?
Most people do not know their gifts and those who
think they know are usually wrong.
Find out for sure by taking The CALL with a personal debrief with one of our qualified advisors.