The CALL Report + Coaching Session With a Qualified Advisor


At Follow Your Calling, we partner with several professional coaches whom we have vetted over the years. Our seasoned coaches will walk with you through your results and help you understand your results to get the most out of your assessment. Our coaches will customize your debrief to your interests. This option is great for those seeking positive affirmations about who they really are, their life purpose, the ideal job fit, the best college majors, or relationship strengths and weaknesses. In addition to a full report outlined below, you will also receive a coaching session with one of our certified advisors.



This product delivers The CALL assessment, report, and a coaching session with a certified advisor.

The CALL Vocational and Life Purpose Guide
This 20-page report was initially launched in 2005 for Focus on the Family. The CALL assessment was designed to combine the best features of The Career Coach assessment from Profiles International with seven gifts in Romans 12. The result is the comprehensive 20-page report, which offers narrative & graphic insights into your motivational gifts and interests, bullet point understanding of your abilities and personality traits, job-fit compatibility percentages to key jobs by industry groups that are tracked by the Department of Labor, and useful suggestions and resources. We recommend purchasing The CALL Report + the coaching session with one of our affirmation advisors to get the most out of your results. While the 20-page results will astound you with the new knowledge about yourself, our seasoned coaches can explain the particular nuances of the results to help you make better decisions for your future.  View a sample report here.